Beta Test Hockeystick's New Portfolio Dashboard

The Big Picture and the Fine Details Are Both at Hand with Hockeystick's new Portfolio Dashboard.

With a fresh look and feel, and new formatting controls, your Portfolio Dashboard just became even more impactful. That's because you can now customize your own dashboard in Hockeystick. This update will allow you to modify your dashboard, spot trends in your portfolio, and better manage your data.

Join the Hockeystick Portfolio Dashboard Beta Program. Hockeystick Beta Testers Will Get Early Access to This New Feature the Development Team Is Working On.

It has nine high-quality customizable widgets with four chart options and a variety of report, CRM and performance metrics for you to choose from. Brand new performance metrics that will give you immediate portfolio insight, such as:

  • Total Portfolio Value is the total value of your portfolio. This metric will allow you to track the overall value of your portfolio.
  • Investment Activity indicates the amount spent on investments over a certain period of time. This metric lets you get up to speed about your fund's investment activity, fast.
  • Total Published Rate answers the question, "how many of my portfolio companies filed my report in the last reporting period?"
  • Late Reporting Rate answers the question, "how many of my portfolio companies filed my reports late in the last reporting period?"

As a valued Hockeystick customer, we’re giving you the exclusive opportunity to apply for our beta tester program. This will allow you to test the pre-released dashboard in your own environment and share feedback with the Hockeystick team.

How do you become a beta tester? As a fund account holder, you can apply to be a beta tester by filling out this form. After that, we'll notify you as soon as a beta slot is available!

If you have any questions, please contact us at