2017 Accelerator Survey Results

A snapshot of Canada's startup accelerator landscape.

Accelerators. If you work at a startup, you may be currently participating in one. If you're an investor, you've probably invested in one of their alumni. And if you're part of the ecosystem, you've definitely attended a Demo Day.

This summer, Hockeystick, Startupfest and BetaKit teamed up to learn how accelerators are contributing to the growth of startups by conducting an online survey.

The goal of the 2017 Accelerator Survey was simple: find out what value, if any, startups get from accelerators.

Learn What Data Gurus at Incubators and Accelerators are Monitoring.

The survey collected over 100 responses, and asked accelerator alumni to share their thoughts on the quality of mentorship, networking and startup services they received during their time at their accelerator. While 80% of the study included alumni, 20% included non-participants, who shared their thoughts on what they would look for if applying to an accelerator.

Hockeystick is excited to share with you that survey's full report. 

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Want more details about the report?

Raymond Luk, Hockeystick's Founder and CEO, hosted a webinar on July 26th to review the survey's findings. In under an hour, he provided actionable insight into how accelerators can develop their programs  and answered questions about the survey from the innovation community.



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