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A Preview of Hockeystick's Financial Data Importer

Hockeystick is a private equity and venture capital-specific software platform that optimizes the productivity of deal and portfolio management, along with investor reporting. Hockeystick’s secure, cloud-based software empowers firms to identify the best deals, manage their investments and keep their investors happy.

In addition, Hockeystick has added new functionality that automates how funds import financial data.

Time for an Automated Solution

Collecting and analyzing financial data has long been an expensive and tedious process that is very error prone. With private equity and venture capital firms spending more time collecting, mapping and formatting the data than actually analyzing it. In light of this, Hockeystick has released a product update that allows firms to take the stress out of this process and replaced it with an easy to use, automated solution.

With this update, funds can decrease the time spent collecting financial data by 50%.

Download our whitepaper to learn how Hockeystick's financial data importer can save your firm time and money.




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