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A Preview of Hockeystick's KPI Importer

The easiest way to collect, manage and visualize your portfolio’s KPIs.

Hockeystick is a private equity and venture capital-specific software platform that optimizes deal and portfolio management productivity, in addition to investor reporting. Hockeystick’s secure, cloud-based software empowers firms to identify the best deals, manage their investments and satisfy their limited partners’ reporting requirements.

Hockeystick recently added new functionality to improve how funds collect KPIs from investee companies.

About KPIs

KPIs are company performance indicators which focus on non-financial metrics. Popular KPIs include:

  • Sales metrics such as monthly sales growth, average profit margin, monthly sales bookings, sales opportunities, quote-to-close ratio and sales target.
  • Marketing metrics such as cost per lead, customer value, inbound marketing ROI, traffic-to-lead ratio, landing page conversion rate and organic traffic.
  • Industry-specific metrics such as SaaS metrics, inventory turnover and customer churn.
  • Financial ratios such as current ratio, working capital, vendor expenses, debt-to-equity ratio, net profit margin and gross profit margin.

Portfolio KPIs can provide valuable performance insights for a fund, and firms are more focused than ever on collecting and analyzing them. They are frequently used as leading indicators of firm trends and allow for benchmarking against industry standards.

Time for an Automated Solution

Unfortunately, portfolio monitoring continues to be time-consuming and error-prone, resulting in more energy being spent collecting, formatting and mapping data than on analyzing it. Moreover, as the number and variety of investments grows, the KPI volume and complexity of collection and aggregation becomes even more challenging.

To solve this, Hockeystick has released an easy-to-use product update that automates the entire KPI process.

Download our whitepaper to learn how Hockeystick's KPI importer can save your firm time and money.


Hockeystick's KPI Importer


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