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Introducing Hockeystick's Open Database

Female Founders & Funders: Laura Curk on Funding for Female Entrepreneurs

Automated Portfolio Reporting is Good for Business

Angel Investment Returns Begin with Selecting A+ Founders

VC Stereotypes About Men and Women Aren’t Supported by Performance Data

3 Female Founders Share Their Stories For International Women's Day

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5 Reasons Why Excel is Hurting Your Fund

How to Pitch Your Startup and Actually Get Coverage

The Key to Better Cybersecurity: Develop a Security Culture

A Preview of Hockeystick's KPI Importer

8 Effective Hiring Tips for Early-Stage Startups

How to Get Started with Portfolio Management Software

Why Non-Financial Metrics Are Key for Measuring Portfolio Performance

Automated Reporting is Good for Business at Plaza Ventures

Announcing our Acquisition of

This is What You Need to Know About GDPR (SlideShare)

Must-Have Entrepreneurial Advice from Seasoned Founders

A Preview of Hockeystick's Financial Data Importer

Hockeystick’s Taxonomy: The Need For Data Standardization

How to Boost Your Company’s Cybersecurity on a Tight Budget

The Reality of Insider Threats

Optimizing Operations with Data at the Accelerator Centre

Hockeystick Expands to U.S. Universities

Announcing our New Partnership with the CVCA

Don’t Get Burned By Your Own Burn Rate

Product Update: Hockeystick's Deal Flow Management Tool

Transform Portfolio Data into Actionable Insights in 3 Steps

7 Physical Security Controls That'll Keep Your Data Safe

2017 Accelerator Survey Results

Internal Rate of Return: What You Need to Know

5 Books Every Data-Driven Entrepreneur Should Read

Canadian Angel Investments Soar to Record Levels [New Research]

Feeling Insecure About Your Security? Here’s What You Can Do About It

How to Manage Portfolio Reporting as a Venture Capital Fund

Deloitte's Technology Fast 50™ Awards Program Joins Hockeystick

Introducing the Private Market Data Network

Spotlighting Canada's Private Capital Ecosystem

How Startup Founders Grind it Out: 5 Examples

10 Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur

Information Rights: Why Yours Should Include a Technology Platform Clause

5 SaaS Metrics Investors Want to See

How BDC Capital Scaled Its Portfolio Insight and Value

Why Limited Partners Need an Automated Portfolio System

The Reporting Challenge in the Private Equity Arena

What Data Gurus at Incubators and Accelerators Are Monitoring

How to Create a Portfolio Monitoring Dashboard in Four Simple Steps

Three Data Collection Strategies Innovation Clusters Should Consider

How Startups Can Get Started with Performance Metrics

Customer Success: The Hockeystick Interface

Maximizing Investor Reporting and Relations at

Driving Organizational Performance with Data at Futurpreneur Canada

Improved Transparency in Private Equity Markets

Customer Success: Getting Started

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