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Hockeystick Partnering with the CWHL to Support Women's Professional Hockey

Editor's note: the CWHL announced it was discontinuing operations effective May 1, 2019.

 Every winter, parents across the country drag themselves out of bed at ungodly hours, drive their kids to frigid rinks and help them put on copious amounts of gear — all for the love of the game.

And every year, we watch our favourite pro hockey players lace up and hit the ice.

Whether we’re cheering from the front row at Scotiabank Arena, cramming ourselves into packed bars or watching from the comfort of our couch, hockey is in our DNA. I mean, I named my company after the game.

But when you picture what I just described — watching hockey with friends — what do you see? I bet most readers imagine an NHL game.

That’s because despite our country’s undeniable devotion to the sport, most people don’t realize there’s also a national women’s hockey league called the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL).

My friend Jayna Hefford is the Commissioner of the CWHL. She’s also a Hockey Hall of Fame inductee and a true hockey legend. She helped Canada win four-straight Olympic gold medals and famously scored the gold-medal winning goal at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.



Despite her incredible success as a female hockey player, Hefford has seen firsthand how difficult it is for fellow female hockey players to pursue their athletic dreams full-time. In fact, most players in the CWHL have to work another job to support themselves.


"I think that if we can increase the visibility, then we can increase the interest in the game — the awareness of the game — to get more people out to watch because we have this fascinating product." — Jayna Hefford


We talk a lot about the importance of diversity in tech, and at Hockeystick we strive to act on the principles of equality, belonging and inclusion in everything we do.

And in many ways the CWHL is just like a startup — scrappy, hardworking, resourceful and using everything at its disposal to get that hockeystick growth all companies strive for.

We believe in diversity, and we believe in supporting startups. So why wouldn’t we come together and support this incredible group of athletes?

The best way the tech ecosystem can help the CWHL continue to grow the game is attend the upcoming All-Star Game on Sunday, January 20th at Scotiabank Arena.

Tickets are only $20 and will feature the best of women’s hockey — including CWHL professionals, Olympians and National Team players like Marie-Philip Poulin, Hilary Knight and Noora Räty.

We want to make this game a huge celebration of women and sport, so Hockeystick is matching every ticket sold.


That means when you buy one ticket, your second ticket is free.


This is an opportunity to support women athletes and encourage diversity and equality not only in sport, but in every workplace. It will also be a chance to watch a great game of hockey.

Let’s not just talk about diversity and inclusion, let’s act on it. Together let’s show everyone just how much tech cares.

Together let’s #GrowTheGame.




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