Hockeystick Expands to U.S. Universities

October 4, 2017

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This post was written by Hockeystick's Founder and CEO, Raymond Luk.

Hockeystick and UEDA have teamed up to bring our industry-leading data platform to universities across the United States.

We’re pleased to announce our new long-term, strategic partnership with the University Economic Development Association (UEDA).

UEDA is the cornerstone membership organization representing higher education, the private sector and community economic development stakeholders across North America. UEDA’s mission is to serve its 160 members by advancing the knowledge and practice of economic engagement by higher education institutions.

This strategic partnership brings Hockeystick’s industry-leading data platform to universities across the United States. University-based entrepreneurs are creating many of today’s most successful companies. UEDA members will use our software to capture detailed, long-term and accurate data about university economic development programs and the people and companies they support.

ueda partners with hockeystick.jpgWe recently attended UEDA's annual summit in Long Beach, California. 

The partnership happens at a time when many universities are looking to data to help measure the unique contributions they make to society, especially in the area of economic development.

As part of the partnership, UEDA members will have access to Hockeystick’s metrics platform and innovation program management tools. These tools are currently being used to manage on-campus accelerator and incubator programs, venture capital funds, angel groups and other business funding programs.

Get more details about these accounts.

UEDA joins a broad network of international partners and companies who are using Hockeystick to get better access to data. Their contributions are making Hockeystick one of the world’s largest databases of private company creation, innovation and growth.

Raymond is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He is the founder of Year One Labs, a startup accelerator and Flow Ventures, a venture consultancy. He is the founder and CEO of Hockeystick, a private market data network used by the top investors and startups in Canada and around the world.

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