What Hockeystick's Q1 Search Results Tell Us About the Rest of 2019

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If the Q1 results for Canadian VC investment are any indication, tech shows no signs of slowing down in 2019. In fact, according to a recent report from PE Hub Canada, $1.3 billion was invested in the tech sector over the first three months of 2019.

To celebrate the end of Q1 and the momentum the tech ecosystem has sustained over the last decade, we’ve put together the top five searches on Hockeystick Database for Q1 2019. The database is a comprehensive database for researchers, analysts and business developers to explore high-quality data on the tech and innovation ecosystem.


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Over the last three months, a total of 23,265 searches have been performed on our database. Below are the 5 most popular searches.




1. All entities in Ontario



It’s no surprise that the number one search on the database is for every entity — funders, companies, government programs and accelerators — in Ontario’s tech ecosystem. Ontario is the indisputable champion when it comes to both the number of tech companies and the amount of tech investment in Canada.


In fact, Ontario is the biggest economic and financial centre in Canada, housing about 56% of Canadian startups and defining the overall Canadian distribution of verticals.


How Ontario tech dictates tech verticals for the rest of Canada


After performing this initial search on Hockeystick Database, users can use the advanced search functionality to narrow their scope with filters like organization type, vertical, sector, preferred investment stage and year founded.

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2. Companies in the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor (Brampton, Etobicoke, Kitchener, Markham, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Vaughan and Waterloo) that are in the startup stage of growth



The second most popular search demonstrates just how specific users can be on the database, employing multiple location tags and a specific stage of growth.

The Toronto-Waterloo corridor has become internationally recognized for its diverse talent pool, research-leading universities and colleges, and vibrant, livable communities. And it’s estimated that there are over 5,000 startups in this region alone, with more popping up every day.

To help more of these startups scale, we put together this visualization to showcase the plethora of support that exists for entrepreneurs in the region.




3. Companies in the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor (Brampton, Etobicoke, Kitchener, Markham, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Vaughan and Waterloo) that are in the established stage of growth



The corridor isn’t just home to startups, it’s also where many established companies have chosen to put down roots. The third most popular search shows the impact that tech giants like Uber, Twitter, Amazon and Shopify are having on the region.



And with Google’s sister company Alphabet aiming to redevelop Toronto’s waterfront with Sidewalk Labs, tech heavyweights are continuing to expand their footprints north of the border.


4. All entities in British Columbia



The popularity of this search signals British Columbia’s continued growth as a provincial tech powerhouse, as it rivals Ontario for the top spot.

In fact, the tech sector accounts for 7% of B.C.’s economy (in comparison, forestry accounts for just over 3%). Tech also ranks first among the province’s various industries for growth. And with B.C. success stories like Slack, Hootsuite and Avigilon taking the global tech sector by storm, it’s safe to say the west coast will continue to make its mark.


5. All entities in Alberta



This one might surprise you, but in the land where oil reigns supreme, Alberta’s tech sector has made surprising waves over the last few years.

A recent study from Alberta Enterprise Corporation (AEC) found that 432 tech startups were founded since 2016, making up 35% of the total Alberta-owned tech companies. Impressively, the study also found that 30% of Alberta tech companies have a female founder or co-founder, making the province’s female participation in tech more than twice the national average.

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