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Introducing Hockeystick's Open Database


A new way of seeing Canada’s innovation economy.

I'm proud to announce that Hockeystick has launched its open database. We hope this new database will become a useful platform for research, fundraising and collaboration. Hockeystick has always been about using data to improve how companies and investors perform, and this is our way of giving back.

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This has been a labour of love for the entire Hockeystick team and I want to personally thank every person who has helped turn this vision into a reality. We couldn't have done this without the continuing support of our friends at the Lazaridis Institute.

"If you're not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late."

- Reid Hoffman

We'll let you decide how we should feel about our V1! Today we're launching a database that has great coverage of early-stage investors (accelerators, angel groups, venture capital firms and private equity funds). It has not-so-great coverage of government funding programs including no coverage at all of provincial and municipal support programs. We also know that there are way more startups in Canada and if we've overlooked you we sincerely apologize and ask that you contact us here.

This is the first time entrepreneurs have had a resource where they can search for funding across Canada and across different funders, in the private and public sectors. We'll be rolling out better and better matchmaking tools in the future so stay tuned.

The Hockeystick homepage will be the place we publish statistics, maps and infographics about our innovation economy. We're not satisfied with just basic information. We'll be releasing benchmarks, leaderboards, insightful graphics and, eventually, some predictions.

And we know there's a world outside Canada.

A Word About Openness

We chose to make this data open, and free, because we believe fundamental data about the private market should be accessible to all. We haven't found a good reason why market data should be behind a paywall or hidden in proprietary databases. By making data open we're building a community-owned asset that benefits everyone.

You Own Your Data (seriously)

It's surprising that this is still a surprise. The owners of each entity in Hockeystick's open database own their data and have the exclusive right to modify it. We hope more people start to ask why they don't own their own data.

To all the users of Hockeystick today: you'll soon be able to incorporate the open database directly into your account. Any private data you host with us is completely separate and, as always, secure and private.

The Ask

Here are three things you can do to make the open database great.

  1. Email to tell us what's wrong or missing
  2. Email to connect us to more sources of data
  3. Claim your open database company record (ok, this isn't live yet so join our Early Access beta program).

We're proudly Canadian and proud that Canada is leading the way in open data and innovation. Help spread the word on the Twittersphere!

@hockeystickco has launched an open database of Canadian companies, investors, programs & transactions 👏. See it for yourself #HSOpenDatabase

Toronto-based startup @hockeystickco has launched an open database of Canada’s innovation economy at #OCEDiscovery. Check it out 👉 #HSOpenDatabase




Hockeystick's open database 


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