Product Update: Hockeystick's Deal Flow Management Tool

August 16, 2017

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Track investment opportunities more effectively with Hockeystick’s new deal flow management tool.

Managing deal flow is a complicated and time-consuming process, but is essential to your fund's success. From deal tracking to pipeline management, you need the right deal flow management solution to make the best investment decisions. 

Hockeystick’s new tool simplifies this process by organizing and automating tasks, so you can manage deal flow with fewer resources and greater efficiency. Designed with flexibility in mind, the tool automates the creation, tracking and management of investment opportunities with configurable workflows.

The feature was designed to satisfy the application requirements of multiple sectors.

  • Investment management — designed for private equity and venture capital firms
  • Applicant management — designed for accelerator and incubator programs
  • Awards management — designed for associations, foundations and more

When it comes to choosing a deal flow management solution, organizations such as Deloitte, Wilfrid Laurier University's Lazaridis Institute and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada have chosen Hockeystick.

Deal Flow.gif

Key benefits of Hockeystick’s deal flow management feature.

With Hockeystick’s new tool, you can now:

  • Create intake applications and workflow steps for new investments and funnel deals to a single team member or a group for screening.
  • Maintain a clear and concise system of records, enjoy instant visibility into your pipeline, and decide which deals to pursue based on qualitative and quantitative metrics.
  • Trigger email notifications when a workflow step is complete and export data to CSV, Excel or synchronize with Salesforce.
  • Automatically apply scoring based on your fund's criteria and transfer all approved deals to Hockeystick’s portfolio management tools.

Staying on top of deal flow with spreadsheets, Word documents and manual tools can quickly become challenging, especially when you’re working multiple deal opportunities simultaneously.

Hockeystick can help. Our deal flow management feature simplifies and automates all aspects of managing deal flow.

Schedule a demo to see how easy it is to manage deal flow with Hockeystick.

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